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The YEP! 101 is a youth program focused on Entrepreneurial Education for youth leaders grades  3-8.  Through this program, we work with students on a practical level to encourage, empower, and engage students on topics such as:  character building, leadership, and self respect, all which relates to entrepreneurial thinking. 

Our curriculum is designed to approach entrepreneurship in a realistic, child-like manner to inspire interpersonal relationship building, improved communication, and enhanced knowledge self-respect and confidence.  We teach our youth Leaders to embrace their creativities by turning them into a sustainable profit. 

          -  Defining An Entrepreneur
          -  Understanding Who We Are
          -  What is a business?
          -  What does it take to run a business?
          -  What is a business strategy?
          -  When is a business most successful?
          -  Why do businesses grow or fail?

          -  Why would customers want to purchase from your business?

          -  How will you market your business?
          -  Balancing the business budget
          -  Putting It All Together




Our program involves concepts such as: 

- Learn the fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
- Develop their personal business/career plan
- Engage with peers to influence decision making
- Practice financial solutions suitable to owning a business
- Interact  with current business owners to learn best practices

All Y.E.P! 101 participants are invited to participate in the expo, held at the end of each program session.