Other Adult Education and Entrepreneurial Learning Sessions Include:

Building a Better Business, One Step at a Time                                                                                                  *Session starting January 22, 2018    

Small Business Round Table                                                                                                                                           *Session starting January 30, 2018


Using Social Media to Land the Perfect Career

Creating a Professional Brand By Using Microsoft Office

Leveraging the "Side" Business of Entrepreneurship

Learning How to Develop a Leader

Developing a Successful Plan for My Life

Defining My Role in the Family

The Parent Open Forum

​And Many More

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​*We also offer customized sessions to fit the need of participating organizations*

Building a solid foundation for children is one of the most important aspects of family dwelling.  Not only does this foundation aid in the process of human development, it also restores the cultural, educational, and social economic levels within the community.  This is why the Youth Entrepreneurs Platform not only provides classes to teach youth how to think entrepreneurial, however, we also have sessions designed for adults to help them with understanding the language and skills that their youth are receiving. 

As a part of the Y.E.P! program, parents are required to attend two mandatory sessions on related to the learning outcomes taught during the youth sessions.  These sessions assist parents with things such as: answering questions that their child may have, engaging in conversations about the curriculum that help to reinforce learning objectives, empowering them to learn about Entrepreneurship and how they can embrace the opportunity.  Those mandatory sessions are:  "Understanding Entrepreneurship and How it Impacts Our Thinking" and  "Embracing Leadership, Character Building and Self- Respect Within our Youth". 

Adult Education and Entrepreneurial Learning