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Serving Students Grades 3-8

As parents and caregivers, there is a large responsibility to ensure our children are receiving quality education from every angle.  With today's opportunities, it is imperative to provide our children with the right tools and resources specific to their future success.  At the Youth Entrepreneurs Home School Enrichment program, we recognize students as individuals and highlight their unique needs.  We believe children share varying interests, and learning styles, and we incorporate that into our teaching techniques on a consistent bases.   We educate our students to pursue their future opportunities in entrepreneurship in a way that enables them to prepare for future growth and empowerment.  We encourage students in way that builds on their strengths and talents all while staying true to who they are.

Our program is designed to educate student on the principles of Entrepreneurship, all while encouraging Leadership, Character Building, and Community Impact.  Our curriculum is based on the following criteria:

-  Defining Entrepreneurship     
-  The Importance of Communications     
-  The Foundations of Philanthropy              
-  Financial Literacy    
-  Forming the Appropriate Partnerships
-  Much More

Students participate in various activities to develop their final business plan.   At the culmination of the session, students will present their plan in the presence of program stakeholders, family and friends.