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Our home school enrichment program is designed to equip our students with the process of entrepreneurial thinking and skill development.  Through this session, students will participate in activities to include:




-Financial Literacy    

-How to Form Partnerships

-Much More

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The Youth Entrepreneurs Platform (Y.E.P!) Leadership program was established to provide elementary aged youth with an opportunity to demonstrate potential skills and abilities geared towards leadership and character within the community.  Often times, youth are underestimated for their talents and abilities due to their age, however, we have found though our research that children provide the most unbiased form of innovations at as early as age two.  Although our program is not designed for children of that age group, we do work with youth ages 8-12 to aid them in the process of establishing skills in leadership, community development, and social economic impact. 

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We are EXCITED at the opportunity to educate our youth on the fundamentals of Entrepreneurship.  We are confident that the skills learned in the Y.E.P! will have a lasting effect throughout their entire life. 

Establishing an environment of Learning, Leadership and Legacy within our young Leaders of tomorrow, TODAY!

In this session, students will:

-Learn the fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
-Develop a personal business/career plan
-Engage with peers to influence decision making
-Practice financial solutions suitable to owning a business
-Interact  with current business owners to learn best practices
-Participate in a end of session expo

-Much more

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