There is nothing more impactful than inspiring a child to follow their passions, fulfill their dreams and celebrate their accomplishments. Whether they are great at drawing, exceptionally athletic, spelling bee scholars, or just really good at making new friends, we at the Y.E.P! like to encourage our Youth Leaders to be the best at who THEY are!  We have designed a phenomenal program that will enhance their learning, leadership, and life experiences.  Through our Y.E.P! Youth Leader program, we are confident that their involvement will enrich their social as well as leadership skills for years to come.  

By becoming a Y.E.P! Youth Leader, our students have the opportunity to:

- Meet and network with other Youth that share in the same creativity and passions as  they do.

- Attend events specifically designed for Youth Entrepreneurs and Leaders of the  community

- Provide them with the opportunity to learn, grow, and develop in the area of  Entrepreneurship

- Connect with local Entrepreneurs that will serve as Mentors and advocates for future      growth and development of our students

- Receive discounted rates to all Y.E.P! camps, classes, and activities

- Be highlighted in our monthly "Youth Spotlight" publication shared with our community   Stakeholders

- And much more


Be a part of our growing family of Youth Leaders, where we spark innovation and creativity suitable for entrepreneurial growth!  

*Contact our office for pricing, start dates, and availability in your area.

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Become a Y.E.P! Leader